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Holiday Horrors: Weekend Event Listing Dec. 12-14

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Mad Mobster True Crime & Horror Expo Chicago


February 13-15, 2015, on the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre anniversary weekend, Chicago will host the first-ever Mad Mobster True Crime & Horror Expo. Fans of phantoms and forensics will gather to explore the horror and mystery of these two genres that go hand-in-claw. You’ll meet the actors that brought some of these notorious characters to life on the screen, figures inspired by them to create their own disturbing horror fiction and the real law enforcement experts that are dedicated to bringing these mad men (and women) to justice! Featuring celebrity guests, vendors, events, contests and more – full information, details and tickets at!

Mad Mobster True Crime & Horror Expo

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Upcoming Horror: Body(s) Trailer Premiere [Video]

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Deathscribe 2014: 7th Annual Horror Radio Play Festival

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Days of the Living Dead Season 5, Episode 9: Feed the Beast

It's closing night at Statesville Haunted Prison and the Zombie Army reflects on this year's trials, tribulations and triumphs. Subscribe:

 Help Kickstart Days of the Living Dead HERE!
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DOOMSDATE: Kickstarter for Chicago-based RomZomCom Web Series!

Doomsdate: The Webseries. Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Boy and girl fight zombies.

Doomsdate is a six episode webseries about the beginning of a relationship at the end of the world. It was created by Chicago’s own Carisa Barreca, Kevin Sciretta and Jeff Hadick.

Doomsdate is the classic story of boy meets girl, boy likes girl, boy and girl kill zombies while fighting about who is supposed to be doing the dishes. Our couple, Kevin and Carisa, face the everyday trials of being in a relationship with the added challenges of roaming hoards of the undead. Think “romantic comedy with zombies.” A RomComZom, if you will. For full details and to contribute:

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Author Event: Joe Lansdale and Christmas with the Dead

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Days of the Living Dead Season 5, Episode 8: Fear Itself

In addition to Statesville Haunted Prison, Zombie Army Productions has, for many years, run The Fear Haunted House at Chicago's famed Navy Pier. This year, after a trial run at Riot Fest, Container 9 evolved into Zombie Containment, a haunted house played for laughs as much as scares. This episode sees part of the Zombie Army crew bringing the haunt to life (undeath?) opening weekend.

This is also a bittersweet episode: On Halloween night, the barge on which Zombie Containment was built sank into Lake Michigan during an unusually intense storm. While the entire haunted house is now on the bottom of the lake, thankfully not one single person was hurt. As John has stated: "We will recover, we will rebuild, we will be back." Subscribe:

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DIY of the Living Dead: How to Make(up) a Zombie

A zombie makeover takes more than just some dark circles under the eyes. The Zombie Army's Bonnie "Bob Ross" Bones shows you how to make Happy Little Veins in this Do It Yourself video! Subscribe for additional upcoming DIY's and episodes of Days of the Living Dead!
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Kickstart Days of the Living Dead!

Days of the Living Dead, the reality web series that takes you behind-the-scenes at one of Chicago's biggest haunted houses, has entertained you for 5 seasons with the exploits of Zombie Army Productions as, each year, they plan, build and execute one of the scariest, most intense haunted houses in Chicago.

For the last couple of years, Zombie Army Productions and Yokai Films have brought you the show on a shoestring budget, and folks, we're running out of shoestrings!

This Kickstarter campaign is, simply put, to keep the show going - the show is free to watch, but not to make. We want to bring you the biggest, best season of Days of the Living Dead yet! Your donations will go directly to help cover the costs involved in creating the show, including equipment, filming, production and post-production, etc.

If you want to see more episodes, more do-it-yourself videos, more coverage, just plain MORE Days of the Living Dead, please donate whatever you can - every little bit helps (and is greatly appreciated)! Can't donate? We understand! Share this with your haunted house-loving friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

So please, help us keep Days of the Living Dead on the air, and remember: Every time you share this campaign, a scare-actor gets a scream...

Kickstarter page:
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